In-depth image of social media


Perception of the content

Insights to be used in communication

Analysis of the context

Language of the content

Profile of the recipient

Reactions of the recipients

BRANDSPY is a user-friendly software for in-depth analysis of the social media content and data. We combine social media with other types of research and sources of knowledge. It is possible owing to the combination of the research know-how accumulated in the last 25 years and the algorithms of entries, its filtering and tagging, as well as data analysis and visualization.

This is what makes BRANDSPY a unique solution.

Structure of the topics

Volume of the topics

Strength of reactions


The power of sharing


Algorithms of selection

We focus on the quality, not the quantity, of the analysed entries. Owing to the algorithms of selection and experienced researchers we analyse only valuable entries which results in the high quality of conclusions and recommendations.

Advanced tagging solutions

The pool of valuable entries approaches many questions that disappear in typical standard social media analyses. Our tagging solutions allow to analyse each question separately and compare them on selected indexes.

Impact in the internet

We analyse sentiments, emotions, involvement in the tagged topic categories, how they spread in the social media and the context of entries and discussions. This way we gain better understanding of the impact of analysed content.

Demographic data

In order to better understand the meaning it is advisable to include the profile of the author of entries. BRANDSPY sees not only sex and age but also education, profession and geolocation.

Dedicated filters and tags

See more than merely general statistics.

Comments regarding your brand, category or question form categories of entries that, when analysed and monitored, tell much more than general statistics. See what raises involvement and in whom. Use this knowledge to communicate, develop products/services and maintain strong relations with your clients.

Data analysis

Gain easy access to comments, likes, shares and sentiments.

Have a continuous access to updated statistics.


BRANDSPY is intelligent and agile. It reaches for the data in its own base and draws entries from the social media. This way you gain access to first entries from the base in less than a minute, new entries appear in only 3 minutes after the publication, and the whole base of entries regarding the topic of your interest will be ready faster than you think.

Over 1 billion of entries in the BRANDSPY base waits to answer your business and research questions.

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